A NATIONAL WINNER For Roshnee Islamic School


A NATIONAL WINNER For Roshnee Islamic School

The English Olympiad was introduced into RIS in 2004 and participation was not in large numbers. The content is given about a 6 – 8 months in advance and participants have to study the set works , work through past Olympiad papers and engage teachers in certain respects. Over the years, our pupils attained bronze and silver awards. The international prize was always the motivating factor i.e. a trip to the UK and a tour of Shakespeare’s home and the renovated Globe Theatre, also the substantial scholarship prizes were a genuine catch to participate. 2020 and
RIS has a National Winner!
She takes home a R33K scholarship ! The chances for an international award is on the horizon.
Well done LAMIA DADABHAY OF GRADE 12. You are a star and an inspiration to the school and the world!

Sulaiman Chamda.

Mohammed Osama Ujra

Husnaa Salejee,
Ibrahim Tootla,
Maleeha Sujee.

Thank you to the English Department, Ms C Du Toit and Mr C J Kruger for a sterling job!