Cii Youth Ambassador Update – 26 Jan 2019

Cii Youth Ambassador Update – 26 Jan 2019

Alhamdulillah, students enrolled in the Cii Youth Ambassadorial Programme attended the 1st Cii Youth Ambassador Meeting for 2019 at Madressa Abu Bakr (RA) in Lenasia.

Learners from Roshnee Islamic School, Al Huda Muslim School – Klerksdorp, Parktown Boys High School, Madrasatus Sadiqeen, Lenasia Muslim School, Al Aqsa School and Johannesburg Muslim School attended the programme.

A vibrant line up exploring 6 areas of development has been identified and programmes will be launched in due course. These programmes will then engage the broader youth community. Exciting times lie ahead. The Ambassador programme is open to boys and girls and pardah is observed throughout.

May Allah Ta’aala accept our youth to serve the ummah.

To join the Cii Youth Ambassador Programme Whatsapp Ml M Seedat on: 0845847733