Cii Youth Ambassadors Meeting

Cii Youth Ambassadors Meeting

Alhamdulilah, the executive of the Cii Youth Ambassadors Team met on Saturday, 21 July 2018 to discuss the achievements for 2018 thus far, upcoming programmes for the year, increasing membership and finalising the Vision and Mission of the Cii Youth Ambassadors Programme.

The Vision of the Cii Youth Ambassadorial Programme has been finalised as follows:

Inspiring youth through education and empowerment that will influence positive change, promote justice and create unity in the ummah (nation) for the pleasure of Allah Ta’aala.

The meeting was convened at Madressa Abu Bakr (RA) in Lenasia.

We request duas that Allah Ta’aala accepts these efforts and that our youth become true ambassadors of our Deen. Ameen

To join the Cii Youth Ambassador Programme contact:
Mohammad Seedat (Ml)
Whatsapp: 0845847733