Cii Youth AMS and Cii Radio Media Development Course ( Report Back )


Cii Youth AMS and Cii Radio Media Development Course 2018 commences. A total of 43 learners representing 12 institutions. Cii Youth Ambassadors also in attendance. Lucky Shabalala presentation on Engineering and Podacsting in progress. Ml M Seedat, Ameer of Cii Youth outlined the objectives of the course and the role Mulsim youth can play in the development of themselves and society. Safeera Kaka, anchor presenter at Cii Radio outlined the programme for the day and Head of the Media Course. Opening Qirah was rendered by Hfz Salmaan Bulbulia, Cii Youth Ambassador and Cii Radio Youth show presenter

Cii Youth AMS and Cii Radio Media Development Course 2018. Ashraf Garda of SAFM addressing the students.

Cii Youth AMS and Cii Radio Media Development Course 2018 – Br Ahmed Kajee, Presenter on Cii Radio and EWN.

Cii Youth AMS and Cii Radio Media Development Course 2018 – Masoodah Jappie and Safeera Kaka presentation on   Preparing for your show.


After intensive training during the morning session. Learners now translate the theory into practicals with LIVE presentation on air. Tune into Cii Radio. Dstv Ch 865

Cii Youth AMS Media Development Course 2018
Report – 22 June 2018

43 learners from the following institutions registered for the programme:

1. Springs Muslim School
2. Ridgeway Muslim School
3. Bosmont Muslim School
4. Roshnee Islamic School
5. Nizamiye High School, Midrand
6. Lenasia Muslim School
7. Middelburg Muslim School
8. Auckland Park Academy of Excellence
9. Azaadville Muslim School
10.Johannesburg Muslim School
11. Cii Youth Ambassadors representing Al Aqsa School
12. Benoni High School
13. Winchester Ridge Primary School

A special thanks and JAZAKALLAH KHAIR to:
1. Safeera Kaka, Senior presenter at Cii Radio and Senior Member of the Cii Youth AMS Media Development Course Committee
2. Mufti Munir Akhalwaya, Cii Programmes Manager
3. Hfz Imraan Ismail, Cii Radio Station Manager
4. Hfz Ilyaas Snyders, Cii Youth Center Manager
5. Haroun Pochee, Director of Roshgold and Roshsun
6. Ashraf Garda, SAFM – guest speaker
7. Sumayya Omar, UK on Social Media
8.  The presenters:
Apa Masoodah Jappie
Ahmed Kajee
Lucky Shabalala, Cii Head Engineer
9. Br Omar, Cii Youth Center
10. Br Qasim, Member of staff at Cii Radio
11. Hfz Ebrahim Moosa of PIN
12. Mufti Fayaaz Asvat of Springs Muslim School

Also a special thanks to all the participants, participating schools and all involved in ensuring this programme was a success.

May Allah Ta’aala accept these efforts and make our learners true Ambassadors of our Deen. Ameen.

For more info on the Cii Youth AMS Development programmes call:
Ml Mohammad Seedat