Cii Youth AMS and Suffah Learning Institute Annual Debate 2019 (Report back)

Cii Youth AMS and Suffah Learning Institute Annual Debate 2019. 31 August 2019

Alhamdulillah, eight schools participated in the debate.
Lenasia Muslim School, Nizamiye High School Midrand, Auckland Park Academy of Excellence and Benoni Muslim School made it to the semi finals. A day filled with discussion, debate, tensions, successes and tears as schools robustly debated against each other.
The Winner School for this year’s Cii Youth AMS Annual Debate was Lenasia Muslim School
And in 2nd Position wasBenoni Muslim School
Jazakallah Khair to all who made it happen especially
1. Ml Junaid Moola, Principal of Suffah Learning Institute, Senior management, staff, support staff and learners of Suffah Learning Institute. A warm reception, sumptuous breakfast and South African Traditional Lunch and the great hospitality added to the dynamism of the event.
2. Madam Rages Moodley of Auckland Park Academy of Excellence
3. Ml Suhaib Lasanya of Nirvana Secondary School, Lenasia
4. Ml Abdurraman Bhamjee of Al Aqsa School, Lenasia
5. Apa N Dajee and Apa K Abdool of Azaadville Muslim School
6. Mems Moosa, AMS Exco. Special Jazakalllah khair to Mr Mems Moosa for ensuring quality, Head of double checking all mark sheets and all protocols observed.
7. Alif of Cii Youth 
And all participating schools, educators, adjudicators and learners who had participated to ensure the programme was a success.
May Allah Ta’aala accept and take our schools to greater heights. Ameen.
Until the next Cii Youth AMS events:
1. Cii Youth AMS and Cii Radio Media Development Course on 14 September 2019
2. Cii Youth AMS Speech Contest in October 2019.
Jazakallah Khair
Mohammad Seedat (Ml)Cii Youth/AMS