Cii Youth AMS Debate 2018 hosted at Lenasia Muslim School Report Back – Sat, 01 September 2018

Cii Youth AMS Debate 2018 hosted at Lenasia Muslim School
Report Back – Sat, 01 September 2018

With a warm and hospitable welcome by the Principal, Deputy Principal, Ulama and Staff of Lenasia Muslim School the tone was set for an eventful day of debate at Lenasia Muslim School.

Starting an early morning, 12 schools, 18 Adjudicators and over 110 learners engaged in a day of debate. A new area of youth development displayed immense potential presented by the learners.

3 rounds of active debate by the learners covering a wide spectrum of topics was phenomenal.

The following schools participated:

1. Roshnee Islamic School
2. Auckland Park Academy of Excellence
3. Lenasia Muslim School
4. Johannesburg Muslim School
5. Nizamiye School, Midrand
6. Ridgeway Muslim School
7. Benoni Muslim School
8. Florida Islamic School
9. Al Huda Academy, Robertsham
10. Azaadville Muslim School
11. Highveld Muslim School
12. Nizamiye Primary, Mayfair

The junior finals brought Al Huda Academy against Johannesburg Muslim School.

Winner School: Al Huda Academy

The Senior Finals brought
Azaadville Muslim School and Benoni Muslim School head to head.

Winner School: Azaadville Muslim School

Learners overall articulated themselves with confidence. Learners also proved that the youth and learners of our schools have  potential to rise to challenges and to speak out.

On behalf of Cii Youth and the AMS team we say JAZAKALLAH KHAIR to:

1. Cii Youth Sponsors
2. Lenasia Muslim School Board of Governors, The Principal, Deputy Principal and all staff and learners.
3. Madam Moodley, Head Adjudicator of the Cii Youth AMS Debate Programme
4. Ml N Jassat and Apa Sumaya of LMS
5. All the Adjudicators of the various schools for the sterling, exceptional and selfless work
6. Learners of LMS who served as timekeepers
7. Cii Youth Ambassadors
8. Hfz Salmaan for covering the event on Cii Radio on Youth Buzz
9. Mems Moosa of AMS
10. Ebrahim Saloojee, Chair of AMS Gauteng
11. Br Alif of Masjid Saliheen
12. Apa Aysha of Cii Youth and Madressa Abu Bakr (RA)
13. Ml Ahmed Lorgat of Cii Youth and Cii Radio
14. Jimmy and team for the set up, keeping the school clean throughout and clean up operation.
15. Ml Suhaib Lasanya of Nirvana Secondary School

And all the parents, eduactors and most importantly the learners for the dynamism and participation.

It was a team effort and Jazakallah khair to all that ensured the programme was a success.

Until the next event:

Cii Youth AMS Islaamiyaat Speech Contest 2018 – Grade 5

Yours in Eduaction and Youth Development

Mohammad Seedat (Ml)
Cii Youth Foundation and AMS