Cii Youth AMS Islamiyah Speech Contest 2019 hosted by Benoni Muslim School (Report Back)

Cii Youth AMS Islamiyah Speech Contest 2019 hosted by Benoni Muslim School – Report Back Saturday, 18 October 2019

A day of Qur’an, Hadith, eloquence in speech, articulation and projection. The learners of the AMS affliate schools presented with confidence. At times laughter, a tear, providing facts and presentation par excellence. Moments that touched the heart and moved the audience. _Subhanallah_

The Cii Youth AMS Islamiyah Speech Contest 2019 was broadcasted LIVE ON Cii RADIO
The positions were as follows:

School Positions:

1st Position: Al Huda Muslim School, Klerksdorp

2nd Position: Al Huda Academy, Robertsham

3rd Position: Springs Muslim School

4th Position: Roshnee Islamic School

5th Position: Abdullah bin Salaam Islamic Center (ABSIC) 

Learner Positions from the respective schools:
1st Position: Nazmira Kola

2nd Position: Amani Ahmed

3rd Position: Muhammad Umar Vali

4th Position: Maleeha Jassat

5th Position: Amani Abrahams

A winning prize of a share of R 3000.00 was shared amongst the top 3  position schools and learners sponsored by the Cii Youth Groups of Sponsors and well wishers. 

The following schools participated :
1. Benoni Muslim School 

2. Nizamiye Midrand 

3. Al Huda Academy Robertsham

4. Al Huda Muslim School, Klerksdorp

5. Abdullah bin Salaam Islamic Center

6. Qurtuba Islamic Academy

7. Ridgeway Muslim School

8. Johannesburg Muslim School

9. Auckland Park Academy of Excellence

10. Houghton Muslim Academy

11. Nurul Iman Muslim School, Rustenburg 

12. Springs Muslim School

13. Lenasia Muslim School

14. Suffah Learning Institute

15. Nurul Islam Muslim School

16. Roshnee Islamic School

17. Azaadville Muslim School

18. Bilal Combined School

We extend our gratitude and thanks to:
1. Board of Governors, The Principal – Mr M Yaameen Laher, The Ulama – Ml Yusuf Asvat, Ml Hassan Ravat, the Ulama of BMS and the educators. Special thanks to Apa Bismillah and her team.

2. Mr Mems Moosa, Exco Member of AMS

3. Uncle Ayob Docrat Exco Member of AMS and BMS4. Uncle Aboo Khan, Exco Member of AMS and SMS

4. The adjudicators, Ml Abdurahman Bhamjee and Mr Mems Moosa

5. Ml Ahmed Lorgat, Cii Radio Presenter and MC for the day. Sterling presentation by  Ml A Lorgat. 

6. Mr Lucky Chabalala, Head Engineer at Cii Radio for technical support and Live Broadcast

7. Ml Shakir Seedat, Head of Cii Projects and Member of Cii Management

8. Hfz Imraan Ismail of Cii Radio for acommodating a LIVE broadcast of the event. 

And most importantly, all the educators, parents and learners who participated and ensured the programme was a success.
May Allah Ta’aala grant acceptance and grant all our learners eloquence and command of the English and Arabic languages. Ameen. 
Until our next Cii Youth AMS Initiatives 2020.
في امان الله. 
To get involved WhatsApp 0845847733
Mohammad Seedat (Ml)Cii Youth / AMS