Cii Youth AMS Leadership Course 2018 Report


Cii Youth AMS Leadership Course 2018 Report

Sat, 24 February 2018

Learners from 6 schools participated in the Cii Youth AMS Leadership Course

The six schools were:
1. Roshnee Islamic School
2. Qurtuba Islamic Academy
3. Ridgeway Muslim School
4. Lenasia Muslim School
5. Florida Islamic School
6. Madressa Baaqiyatus Salihaat, Maraisburg

Inspirational presentations, interactive activities and empowering the
leaders of today was the order of the day. Learners were evaluated in terms
of their leadership skills development. After the theory presentations by Ml
Mohmmad Seedat and Apa Sumaya Daya, learners were put to the test during the
group work and activity session. Learners presented from the front, building
their self-confidence, role play, campaigns, promo/advert compilation using
their phones in promoting their campaign. The course allowed learners to
identify their strengths nd weaknesses and provided solutions in further
developing themselves. Learners were mixed between the schools allowing them
to interact with others and make new friends. Overall, an eventful day and
the programme was a success.

We extend our thanks to Apa Sumaya Daya of Qurtuba Islamic Academy, Hfz
Ilyaas Snyders – Cii Youth Center Manager, Mems Moosa of AMS, Moosa and
Omar, the staff at the Cii Youth Center and the participants for ensuring
the day was a success.

Until the next Cii Youth AMS Event. Ma’asalamah

Mohmmad Seedat (Ml).
Cii Youth Foundation