Cii Youth AMS Spelling Buzz Bee 2019 – Grade 3 (Report Back)

Cii Youth AMS Spelling Buzz Bee 2019 – Grade 3 Report Back – Wed, 21 August 2019

Springs Muslim School extended a warm reception and hospitality to all educators, parents and learners at the Cii Youth AMS and Springs Muslim School Spelling Buzz Bee 2019.

A riveting finale that was tensed for both learners and educators. The Grade 3 learners carried themselves with great enthusiasm and confidence that climaxed the Grand Finale.

20 Participating Schools, 2 judges, a coordinating team and a Musallah filled with educators and parents added much flair to the event. Educators, parents and learners travelled long distances coming from the Vaal, North West, Mpumalanga and around Gauteng. 

Most learners completed the 13 rounds of testing  of Grade 3 Vocabulary. Thereafter the knockout round list was introduced that included Grade 4 and Grade 5 Vocabulary. Head to head three  schools made it to the final round. Two schools eventually triumphed – Johannesburg Muslim School and Highveld Muslim School. In this sudden death stage Talha Bhayat spelt the winning word, Pollute that placed Johannesburg Muslim School as the winners of  this years Cii Youth AMS Spelling Buzz Bee and Springs Muslim School contest.

1st Position: Talha Bhayat of Johannesburg Muslim School 2nd Position: Yusuf Carrim of Highveld Muslim School

The following schools participated:
1. Auckland Park Academy of Excellence. 2. Abdullah bin Salaam Islamic Center. 3. Al Huda Academy, Robertsham. 4. Houghton Muslim Academy. 5. Al Huda Muslim School, Klerksdorp. 6. Tshwane Muslim School. 7. Roshnee Islamic School. 8. Florida Islamic School. 9. Springs Muslim School. 10. Highveld Muslim School. 11. Johannesburg Muslim School. 12. As Suffah Learning Institute. 13. Qurtuba Islamic Academy. 14. Ridgeway Muslim School. 15. Nizamiye Primary and High School, Midrand. 16. Nizamiye School Primary and High, Mayfair. 17. Benoni Muslim School  18. Lenasia Muslim School. 19. Middelburg Muslim School. 20. Azaadville Muslim School

We would like to thank and say Jazakallah khair to:
1. Ml Abaas Ali Saheb, Mr Aboo Khan, Ml Mohammad Asvat Saheb, Apa Muneera, Board of Governors, staff and learners of Springs Muslim School  2 .Ml Shakir Seedat of Cii Management  3. Mems Moosa of AMS. 4. Apa Sumaya Saley of Roshnee Islamic School. 5. Alif of Cii Youth. 6. Cii Stores. 7. Sponsors of the event
and all the participating schools, educators and learners that were present for the event. 
We make dua that Allah Ta’aala accept these efforts and may it a means of inspiration to our youth. Ameen. 
The next Cii Youth AMS Event are: 1. Cii Youth AMS Annual Debate 2019 that will be hosted at Suffah Learning Institute on Sat, 31 August 2019 Inshallah. 2. Cii Youth AMS and Benoni Muslim School Speech Contest 2019 launching soon. 
Jazakallah khair
Mohammad Seedat (Ml)Cii Youth