Congratulatory letter of the Matric results from the Chairperson of AMS – Gauteng/Northern Provinces Regions.

To all our member schools

As Salaamu’Alaikum Warahmatullah Hi Wabarakathu



Lailaahha Illallaah

Allahu Akbar

On behalf of the Executive of AMS we salute all our member schools for achieving results par excellence. Indeed you have done us and the Muslim Ummah proud.

We acknowledge the commitment and dedication of all the role players:

First and foremost the learners,then their educators, management teams, parents and Boards of Governors.

May Allah (SWT) accept and reward the efforts of all in ensuring that our institutions strive for excellence and grow from strength to strength.

Let us at the same time encourage those learners who were not successful in passing their exams not to despair but to try again bearing in mind that many times failure is a stepping stone to success.

A Muslim is one who does not give up if he fails in his very first attempt.

Can you imagine if the Nabi of Allah (SAW) gave up at his very first attempt.

The result would have been disastrous. The lesson we learn is that we never give up until we succeed.

May all our schools continue in their noble efforts to provide quality education to all our beloved children with the sole purpose of pleasing Allah (SWT), May 2019 be another year filled with Nur and Blessings for all of you, Insha’Allah.

Ebrahim Saloojee

Ameer AMS Gauteng and Northern Regions