Middleburg Muslim School matrics vs best of the rest


This is something not all schools are familiar with but I’m hoping that it changes soon. 

As schools, our main focus in today’s times is academics. Especially when learners reach the FET phase.  And it’s sad to say that many, not all, but many teachers emphasize and stress only on results and getting that distinction in their subject.  We fail to realize how stressful that time can be and how much of strain it put on us as learners when we were in school. 

We as educators fail to direct learners to channel that stress and help them cope with it. We kill the fun in their life because at this stage there isn’t place for fun. This is where we lack in our aim in making things better for our learners. 

So what is the best of the rest? In this term, we see our matrics off. They will soon be starting their trials and won’t be seen around the school anymore.  But what are they going to take with them when they leave our school. Apart from academic work, no good memories And so, an initiative was taken to make something fun for them and give them something worth remembering Sport is something learners thrive in. It’s something they look forward to. We organized this day, the matrics vs the best of the rest in which the learners in MATRIC had to make a team consisting only of MATRIC players to vs a team made up from the best players of the rest of the school. The boys challenged one another in soccer while the girls in netball To spice things up, teachers even got involved in playing and competing with the learners.  

In order to make things more exciting, our grade 8 girls decided to make cupcakes for the MATRIC team and for the best of rest team. These cupcakes were to be sold to spectators to show which team they supported. At the end of the day all the learners had something worth remembering and we as a school also managed to raise funds for Green Deen Middelburg from the cupcakes that was sold.