Operation Mercy

Operation Mercy. Wamā arsalnāka illa rahmatan lil ‘Āalameena(21:107)

And We have sent you (O Muhammad SAW) not but as a mercy for the ‘Ālamīn (all beings/ all creation/ all worlds).
AboutOperation Mercy (Arham) is a united platform and campaign designed to acclaim and publicize the extraordinary character of the Final and Noble Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). 

Ways to get involved:Be part of this campaign by simple acts of kindness including:Smiling, neighbourhood clean ups, fixing a playground, painting a classroom, feeding the hungry, visiting the sick, help an orphan, planting of trees, animal care.

All welcome to participateLet us together create a wave of mercy across South Africa.
Get involved and support this projectSign up now://bit.ly/2lopmercyFor more info://awqafsa.org.za/op_mercy/
Facilitated by: Awqaf SA
EnquiriesFarouk Sirkhot  0813396701Hasanain Abdullah 0795071196Nazeer Jamal 0761513334Email: op.mercy@awqafsa.org.za