RIS Qira’ah Jalsa Grade 4 – 7


RIS Qira’ah Jalsa Gr 4-7
Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Our first Intermediate phase Qira’ah Jalsa was held today.
A very informative talk was given by Apa Rahma regarding the importance of the Quran.
Our audience was captivated by our very own Azraa Sujee.
The hall decor by Apa S Saley added to the beauty of the Quran

Our winners were:
Grade 4: Fatima Zahra Sujee
Grade 5: Nabiha Saloojee
Grade 6: Tahiya Casoo
Grade 7: Asma Patel

With the Grace of Allah Ta’aala, the jalsah was a resounding success.

It could only be made possible with the assistance of the following people:
Ml M Seedat
Apa Razia
Apa Rabia
Apa Rahma
Apa Somaiya Saley
Apa Somayya Chotabhai
Apa Sameera
Apa Faaiza
Qr A Salloo
Mft M Nana
Ml A Badat
Ml AG Mohammad
Ml H Lokhat
Muallima Saleha
All the intermediate educators.
A big jazakallah to all those mums who sponsored a lovely fruit platter and for honoring us with your presence.

A bigger jazakallah to Apa Razia and Ml M Seedat for overseeing the successful running of this event.
May Allah bless you for giving your time and effort. Ameen

May Allah Ta’aala accept the RIS Qira’ah Jalsa as a means of Isaale Thawaab for all the marhoomeen. Ameen

Submitted by S Saley on behalf of Apa Razia.
Edited by Ml M Seedat