Soccer Tournament at Nizamiye school in Midrand (Report back )

Soccer is an internationally recognised sport, enjoyed by people all around the world. At APAX, our learners have shown great enthusiasm and interest in playing the sport. This encouragement has brought out great talent and has driven sports at APAX to many successes.


On Saturday, 5th May 2018, our u11 and u13 boys showed their talent again at a soccer tournament at Nizamiye school in Midrand. Both teams reached the semi-finals and enjoyed the games both on a social and competitive level.


Under 13


1                     APAX 0 vs Ridgeway Muslim School  0

2                     APAX 3 vs BMS (Benoni Muslim School) 0

3                     APAX 1 vs  Nizamiye 0

4                     APAX 0 vs LMS (Lenasia Muslim School)  1


Semi Finals:


                                Azaadville Muslim School  2 vs APAX 0


A great day enjoyed by all indicated Mr Reyad Pahad the APAX Sports Co Ordinator




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