The Land Rover 4×4 Challenge


The Land Rover 4×4 challenge is competition hosted by Sangari Education Solutions in South Africa, as well as other companies throughout the world. It comprises of different teams with each member assigned a specific role in the team such as engineer or in my case, marketing. The challenge is to build a remote control car that can traverse through multiple obstacle courses and retain a technological touch to it by having an on-board computer system.

Teams from all over the world will compete for the grand prize in a foreign country, representing their respective flags

Our team, the Insomniacs namely, Sulaimaan Chamda our team leader, Abbas Thomas, IT and graphics design, Azhar khan, manufacturing engineer and myself Abdool Sattar Cassim, Marketing and Finance have taken part in both the district challenge and the nationals, having being triumphant in both and will be flying our national flag overseas in a country to be announced. We have began making designs and 3D models for our car that we will be building from scratch.

We have recently held a presentation with potential sponsors and are still in dire need for funds as our project stretches further from the competition as we are standing for a social cause of illiteracy in our country. We hope to host readathons and donate books to under privileged schools and areas and empower or country one step at a time.

It does not end there. We hope to transform our motor industry by introducing environmentally friendly solutions to the CO2 emissions problem by cars and pitch to companies alternative methods for energy instead of an already low-supply of fossil fuels.

Our budget is to accumulate an amount of R200000 that being our Manufacturing and construction expensives, traveling costs, social cause and various undertakings through our project. Currently our sponsors are pristine motors and Sedgars but we hope to widen our sponsorship circle to companies varying from business to science

The team has also taken to social media by having our own website, instagram and Facebook page and heard on numerous radio stations such as Cii and Salaamedia.

Instagram: @insomniacs4x4