Wishing our Matriculants of 2020 All the best

Examination Success!!
Examinations are trying times for people in all walks of life. Use these valuable tips to gain the most out of your exams.

  1. Be punctual with your Salaah.

This is your essential spiritual and mental boost.

  1. Recite Sura Yaseen in the morning.

Your day will go smoother.

  1. Eat a healthy, wholesome and nutritious breakfast.

Your body needs proper nourishment for your brain to function at optimum level.

  1. Be early at your exam venue.

This will decrease stress levels.

  1. Don’t hang around with pessimists and those that didn’t study before writing.

They will hamper your morale and confidence.

  1. Commence your paper with Bismillah, Durood Shareef and preferably be with Wudhu.

This will draw the help of Allah Ta’ala.

  1. Study hard, make fervent Dua and request the Duas of your parents and the pious. Dua is the believer’s weapon.