Young Editors: Young minds, fresh ideas

Young Editors: Young minds, fresh ideas

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and Gulf News bring you a weekly initiative that encourages pupils from schools to report, write and design their own page in the newspaper in a competition that enables them to hone their writing, reading and visual news presentation skills. This week: Our Own English High School, Warqa’a

Published: 21:00 April 23, 2018Gulf News

Kennedy Tellis

Technology gives students of Our Own English High School the space to think out of the box

By Kennedy Tellis


There was a time when classrooms were considered a fortress of traditions, governed by blackboards, chalk and piles of textbooks.

Cutting-edge technology and the subsequent need to incorporate it within our education system has broken through this fortress and paved the way for technology as a learning aid.

Imagine a lecture hall full of students in 3D glasses, observing a hologram of the human brain, or planets in the solar system. This is the reality in Dubai, where a super-high-speed fibre-optic network connects classrooms and labs and science lessons are delivered on a 3D platform. 3D learning draws student attention, and can help make abstract concepts easier to grasp. It beats watching a grainy video on a rolled-in television cart.

Unlike most schools, Our Own English High School has been built upon the principle, ‘Leading through learning’, which has set in stone, the path for a newer generation of bold thinkers with fresh ideas.

 The real asset of any nation is in its people … and the prosperity and success of a country are measured by the standard of education available to all its citizens.”

 – Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan  

Our school has an innovation department. Headed by its captains, it has flourished in accordance with the National Agenda. Not only does it focus on providing a technology-based curriculum, but also encourages students to pursue an interactive lifestyle.

Our school has invested a lot of time and hard work in two specific segments — the Formula One initiative and Robotics.


Students aren’t the only beneficiaries. Newer methods of teaching have come up including the use of online apps to engage a larger crowd. Apps like Kahoot, Neopod and Padlet provide a safe online space for students to enthusiastically share their views as well as work towards a certain topic.

I truly believe that innovation within the realms of education supports the student fraternity to endure the trials of today and work towards those of tomorrow. While it is a work in progress, one thing is certain, our future will be nothing less than marvellous no matter the circumstances.

A vision that built a nation

Zayed was a visionary who enabled social development, economic strength and national security

By Anirudhya Yada 

bBy virtue of his words, actions, foresight and judgment, Shaikh Zayed was widely recognised as a pioneer who cemented the passageway to a bright and successful future. He not only imagined a better future for his people, but also had the wisdom, determination and undivided faith to make that ambitious vision a reality against all odds. Since the birth of the UAE on December 2, 1971, Shaikh Zayed was a visionary, who surpassed all odds to enable social development, economic strength and national security as lasting legacies.

As we celebrate the Year of Zayed, let us look back and reflect on these values and ideals, as they prove to be the true essence of the legacy of Shaikh Zayed, and make us work to raise those benchmarks. May his visions and effort bear more bountiful fruits as his people move in the direction he set for us.

Shaikh Zayed held strong humanitarian values and believed that investing in people’s welfare, knowledge and capabilities would produce the greatest dividends for individuals, families and society. He also advocated respect for culture and the need to grow as a global union. To Shaikh Zayed, his people were the greatest resource.


As a leader, he authorised significant investments in healthcare and education and other essential infrastructure in the UAE that rapidly transformed the country’s social and economic outcomes and the quality of life for its people. A global humanitarian, he also provided significant financial and in-kind assistance to a diverse range of people and countries in need around the world. His guidance has played a pivotal role in building the country’s assets and putting the country on a pedestal.

As fortunate residents of this nation, we have developed a deep personal connection with the ecology of the UAE and an innate understanding of the value and fragility of the natural environment. We believe that sustainability is the key to the modernisation of the UAE.

Innovation, the essence of progress

World-class infrastructure serves as a catalyst for the UAE’s development

By Adith Pathmanathan

cFrom 1971, when the UAE was formed, it propelled itself onto the world stage as one of the most dynamic economies in the world. The country’s visionary leadership has created a world-class phys infrastructure base that will serve as a catalyst for future development.

What has inspired me as I look around is that the importance of innovation in the infrastructure that has transformed UAE to take its place among the best in the world. Leading telecommunications infrastructure will allow the UAE to be a forerunner in smart services.

Under this initiative, the UAE seeks to become a global hub and a successful model of the new green economy, to enhance the country’s competitiveness and sustainability and preserve its environment for future generations giving them the gift of life.


We have admired the UAE as a center for the export and re-export of green products and technologies, maintaining a sustainable environment to support long-term economic growth. The initiative includes a range of inventive programs and policies in the areas of energy, agriculture, investment and sustainable transport in addition to new environmental and constructional policies.This proves that the country not only dreams big, but also does justice to its dreams.

Having been a resident in the UAE from birth and having witnessed the rapid growth of the booming metropolis that is Dubai, I have learned that the innovation implemented in infrastructure not only reflects off the buildings present but also in the hearts of the people. The privilege of being part of such a marvelous society with its astounding structures and commendable leadership provides the citizens with pride and motivation far beyond recognition.

I strongly believethat UAE will meet and succeed all expectations set forth in all fields of country’s growth.


Source : Gulf News

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